Project Update – The Albany April 2017

Construction activities have been progressing well since our last project update with the above drone shots highlighting the day of the concrete pour to level 5. The Albany is expected to be topped out early May 17 which will bring the buildings structure to 100% complete. Finishing trades are beginning to follow through on the […]

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Aura – April Progress Update

In mid-February Aura topped out, completing the structural element of the development.  That then allowed the brick façade to begin to take shape, revealing how the end product will look. Windows and sliding doors have begun to be installed to the lower levels. Services are also currently being roughed-in throughout the development followed by plasterboard […]

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Project Update – The Albany


The Albany is one of three projects we forecast to be completed by the end of 2017.  Other projects scheduled for completion are Aura apartments which is located in Pymble, and Capri apartments also located in Point Frederick.  Both Albany & Capri are located on the Central Coast with the construction contract awarded to Richard […]

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Project Update – Aura

2017-01-19 12.16.50-1

Aura is one of our three projects we forecast to be complete end of 2017, along with Capri  and Albany on the Central Coast. We are currently in our 15th month of construction with the structure having advanced rapidly in recent months. Building A, B and C are now up to Level 7 (final level […]

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Project Update – Battique


Battique Lane Cove is our latest completion which we wrapped up just in time for the 2016 Christmas. Battique was a huge success with 100% settlement and the project being delivered on time. The building was designed by PBD architects and built by Growthbuilt, all parties did a fantastic job to deliver a project that […]

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5 Reasons Why You Need Rental Insurance

As a tenant, it can sometimes be difficult to know what contents you need to cover. Rental insurance is an insurance policy that protects your belongings from loss or damage in certain circumstances. Read on to discover the top reasons why you need rental insurance. 1. You’re not covered by your landlord (more…)  

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How to be a Good Landlord

Being a good landlord isn’t hard. Doing the bare minimum is enough to avoid people kicking up a fuss, but doing a great job will make your life a whole lot easier. Not to mention you’ll reap the benefits of a good reputation and a happy customer base. Start with these simple tips and you’ll […]

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The Property Investor Checklist: What You Need to Know

Successful property investing involves managing a multitude of factors. As a property investor, you might feel like you are constantly balancing competing priorities. From staying focused on your long-term wealth-generating strategy to practical issues such as tax and cash flow. The list of things to keep track of is extensive. Here, we have compiled a […]

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How Due Diligence Will Benefit Your Investment

The idea of doing due diligence might seem uninspiring, but in reality, due diligence is a great opportunity to increase the profitability of your property portfolio while reducing risks. You can conduct due diligence at any time. Before and regularly after property purchase. It is vital to assess risks and understand all the features and […]

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Why Partnering with the Right Developer is Crucial to Buying Off the Plan

Buying off of the plan requires a certain element of faith in the developer and builders involved. While you’ll often be able to see a show-property as an example of what you’ll be buying into, you’re only getting a feel for the house, not the property itself. There is still plenty to do moving forward […]

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